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Boarding at Diamond W Ranch

Diamond W Ranch has very limited spots for boarding, to insure that each horse receives the quality of care and personal attention that it deserves. Board is only offered as a full care option, and includes:
  • Fully matted box stall, cleaned daily
  • Daily turnout for your horse (except in extreme weather, when horse may be turned out into the indoor arena for exercise)
  • Grain twice a day, tailored to your horse's needs
  • Hay and fresh water in stalls and turnouts
  • Regular farrier and deworming schedule
  • Contact us for price and availability on boarding

Stalls in main barn

At no additional cost, management at Diamond W Ranch will also:
  • feed supplements to your horse, which you provide
  • secure a veterinarian in an emergency and assist him/her while tending to your horse
  • blanket or unblanket your horse (you provide the blanket)
  • fly spray your horse before turnout with spray you provide

For an extra fee, management at Diamond W Ranch will:
  • exercise your horse (lunging, riding) per time, week, or month
  • medicate or treat your horse for injuries or illness
  • haul your horse to shows
  • show or sale prep your horse
  • hold your horse for farrier

Plenty of turnout